K POP Flashmob in Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2011 – Saint Petersburg Video

KPOP Rainbow Flashmob was hold 2011.10.30 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the Palace Square. The organizer of this event was dance cover team DAS~ProJect. There was 130 participant and about 250 viewers. Our aim was to show our love to kpop world from Russian fans. The following songs…


24 Responses to “K POP Flashmob in Saint Petersburg (Russia) 2011 – Saint Petersburg Video”

  1. brokkenmask says:

    you guys are super awesome!

  2. IrmCik says:

    wow great! respect! u guys r amazing!

  3. Lodieleisy says:

    часть с Шайни получилась лучше всех =) 

  4. 블라디미르 최 says:

    잘했어요 ^^

  5. goodgates says:

    Great and terrific organized the music and dance orders!
    I enjoyed. Thanks uploader! and all perfomers!

  6. LittleYua says:


  7. SALVADOR bahena says:

    mui bn

  8. koshkomanka says:

    DAS~ProJect ВЫ ТАКИЕ МОЛОДЦЫ, ЧТО ОРГАНИЗОВАЛИ ПОДОБНОЕЕ!! ааа жаль я не в России живу, обязательно пришла бы !!!

  9. Chiezka1 says:

    НЕРЕАЛЬНЫЕ молодцы!!!! ОЧЕНЬ понравилось! так держать)

  10. HikaruGerda says:

    yes, they are great, but 2 Russian bands cant win(( So russian guys won and it is great too))

  11. MomokoXD says:

    вы все очень хорошо сделали ^ ^
    Привет из Германии

  12. ChromatoPrism says:

    상뜨 페테르스부르흐 광장 배경멋있네여

  13. amires2 says:

    so amazing!!!!!!!! fantastic!!!!!

  14. MsAnkura says:

    You can follow the latest updates of DAS~ProJect life here:

  15. Yuuko1993 says:

    one of the best flashmobs I’ve ever seen 😀 and you had Block B songs in it~~ 3
    lots of love from Germany ^^

  16. jungjng says:

    와우 멋져요 wow awesome good~^^

  17. pebblesinthebeach says:

    Holy cow, 24 kpop song in 10 short minutes! For a moment, I thought this would never end. Not just an excellent flash-mob, but also exciting to watch! Good job you guys and expect more in the future. From USA

  18. hellamazon says:

    러시아 백누나 쩐다 ㅋㅋ

  19. patell1 says:


  20. whdxo says:

    Russian`s flashmob is the best one i`ve seen… Fighting!!

  21. gkfqlx says:


  22. wogur715 says:


  23. ddddygks says:

    WOW amazing!
    Very impressed

  24. yohan0730 says:

    so beautiful 🙂 Thanks russians! 😀 you guys made my day


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