Inglide – Saint Petersburg (Original Mix) – Saint Petersburg Video

Again I’m speechless after FSOE episode… Aly & Fila’s trance radioshows are the reason why my favourite day of the week is monday. And this track is in my opinion the best of episode 096 ;D With veeerry calming breakdown. Ripped from Aly & Fila – Future Sound Of Egypt 096.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. canadadog says:

    WOW amazing stuff !

  2. s3rGIGI says:


  3. CarltonZamora says:

    @Blazar6 I can’t remind myself where did i get it from… it’s probably from deviantart, but I don’t even know which mountains to look for, sorry.

  4. re9292 says:

    This song introduce me to trance…. Check that if you like progressive: /watch?v=NeKKZb8Uhv0

  5. waffles182 says:

    This song elevates me beyond my wildest dreams

  6. Rovi03 says:

    The real name is
    InGlide (no Inglide) XD

  7. dbkovalev says:

    Amazing… Russian producers started conquering trance scenes of the world!
    Gogo motherland!

  8. bakugala says:

    sick tune … l ‘m going crazy… the sound like this make’s me enjoy my life again !

  9. TheRaccoonCatcher says:


  10. UpliftingHeaven says:

    Wonderful tune, I´m In Heaven now 🙂

  11. josephyb33 says:

    Omg…that picture in HD 🙂

    Amazing song, too.

  12. re9292 says:

    Blow minding!! But check this one:

  13. GreaseLightning02 says:

    the aly and fila vocal bit really threw me. i had this turned up full wack! God! Good track, tho not as good as let me love you. 😀

  14. BlazingLight says:


  15. Avanto1001 says:

    Spb on FUTure sound of egypt! Wohaa!

  16. haydendark says:

    esto es una rolisisisisisisimaa el piano sta muy melancolico m saco una lagrima 🙁

  17. moonay1174 says:

    Wow you’re good Langa! I have another one. FSOE #94 01-id track. thanks.

  18. langa2s says:

    Dennis pedersen – little miracles’ i think thats what you were on about mate 🙂

  19. moonay1174 says:

    Hey Langa, need help with another ID, its FSOE 096 part 4. the last minutes of the song. thanks

  20. langa2s says:

    Anytime my friend’ i was desperate for this track and decided to leave a trail over the internet too track this artist down and thanks to you sticking this track on i would not of come across this. please keep us fans posted on further ID’s and i will help with tracing the Artist 😉

  21. CarltonZamora says:

    Thanks a lot for ID-ing this track mate ;)

  22. langa2s says:

    My word who on earth would name them selves as an artist named ID’ & then name the track title ID’ laughing my fooking arse off here like! shut up you fool!!! INGLIDE is the artist & track name St petersburgh! available on beatport! hahahahahaha ID ID lol

  23. folypers says:

    the name is ID by ID… fuckin read the title ya dumb fucks

  24. langa2s says:

    spoke back with akesson to see if hes been given this as promo dont he dont know the artist’ he says this is probs a signing to aly & filas label more than likely this will be a future release probs next year now, cannot wait im desperate 🙂


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